Friday, April 16, 2010


As my reduced travel teaching schedule slowly kicks in, it's become apparent that the time has also come to reduce my inventory of quilt samples too. Some have even found new homes with you.......the faithful readers. (Click on Quilts for Sale or Beaded Wool Quilts for Sale on right side bar if you are a collector and might be interested too.)

I said bye, bye to two more after last evening's lecture at the Capital Quilter's Guild in Raleigh, NC........

Meadow Flowers 2

Take Life With A Grain of Salt
You know how it is.....we all invest so much time and emotion creating our letting go is difficult. I've always made my quilts for MYSELF.....not to sell. However, now I'm experiencing a pleasant sense of calm, knowing some of my work is finding good new homes, rather than being stored away in our guest room!

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