Monday, September 21, 2009


If you aren't a fan of may want to visit again tomorrow rather than reading on.....

I had forgotten to email my pick for the 2nd week of the football suicide pool I'm research was short when I realized I was nearly past the deadline on Thursday. The goal is to pick a winning team each can be any team, but you may only use that team once during the season. first I zoned in on Green Bay (I cheer for them no matter what), however I 'thought' I should save them for later in the season....since I was sure their team is great this year after their spanking of the Chicago Bears last week. Next I chose San Francisco.....but at the last minute, I switched to Atlanta to beat Carolina. (No state loyalty for me)

Yeah!!!! .......Atlanta won 28-20. The pool lost A LOT (19) of participants this week....the bulk of them due to the Packer loss.....(how could they?!?!) So the pool has shrunk, from 39 to 21.

I'll be studying hard for my week #3 choice...... again....if you got this are either a football fan or bored!!

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