Friday, September 25, 2009


What could be better than good food and good art to admire?!? A visit to Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville, NC fills the hunger for both. Be sure to check out this unique restaurant when you are visiting this charming city. Sign up for my "Great Smoky Mountain Quilting Tour" in Aug. 2010, and I'll take you there myself!

The no frill table setting doesn't mean plain, boring food.....oh no....not even. Tables are cleverly covered with brown butcher encourage 'art'.

And 'art' they get...... Walls on either side of the entryway to the dining room are filled with torn pieces of 'table art' for customers to admire. What a clever idea.

The menu is very diverse......featuring good ole' comfort food but with an eye on fresh and tasty ingredients. I ordered a grilled (whole wheat bread) pimento cheese sandwich....with spinach & tomatoes. It came with either sweet potato fries or a vegan soup. I chose the pumpkin/squash soup and it was DELICIOUS......

The large windows let in tons of light which is the perfect accent to highlight the paintings of Moni Hill. Each piece is delightful, cheery & whimsical, and you'll want to take one home. (Which you can!) I highly recommend a visit to her on her name above and check out her gallery.

I took the following photos of just a few of the many pieces on display at Early Girl.......they are being posted here with Moni's permission. Being a quilter, wall space is at a minimum in our house, but still I'd love to own one of her pieces anyway......

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Anonymous said...

Yum! Piemento Cheese...a delicacy growing up in East Texas. I'll try my next homemade batch with spinach and tomatoes!
Gwen Oberg