Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today the Fiber Junkies (a small fiber group I belong to) had a road trip to KRB Fabric Outlet in Boiling Springs SC. They have no website....but for directions and info call: 864-578-8752.

It's a very nondescript building.......but inside....oh my. If you like digging for bargains and inexpensive fabrics.....this no nonsense warehouse is a must visit.

You'll find bolts of fabrics, flat folds, and many boxes of smaller cuts of fabric, zippers, patterns, threads, trims, laces. Quilter's cottons were sparse as fashion, upholstery, and home decorating fabrics made up the bulk of the inventory.

For such a huge place it was amazingly well organized and tidy.

These are bales of fabric ends waiting to be opened and organized for display.

The same owners opened a consignment shop next door to the fabric mart. Again, it was well organized with really cheap prices. I already have enough 'stuff' so I just browsed......while some others who prefer to be anonymous filled the back of their car with goodies! Love the American flag.......which I notice is on display quite often here in the South.

We all were astonished to find rows of turtle supplies......are there that many turtle owners?

Look....you can shop for a baby crib and for a walker....right in the same store......

A fun day was had by all as we explored a little of what the South has to offer!

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gee - who are you talking about Mary?! I can't imagine...