Monday, September 28, 2009


So many quilters have already conquered free-motion quilting.....but I'm not one of them. Due to numerous back surgeries I'm not very comfortable sitting hunched over a machine for long periods of time....actually I should have said, as I sit nervously and tension filled, hunched over my machine!

My pal Patsy Thompson is an expert on this subject. She's produced a large inventory of excellent DVD's to help guide the helpless like me. After a recent 'whining' session with her, she suggested one of my problems may be the surface I'm working on. The insert that fits around my machine is (believe it or not) pebbled.....NO WONDER I can't slide that darn quilt sandwich!!

Patsy suggested I try using a specialty Teflon sheet that can be placed on the work surface which allows the quilt to move more easily. Sew Slip did the trick for me.

I was able to gain additional control moving the quilt sandwich by wearing a pair of specialty machine quilting gloves. The rubber dots help to grip the top...keeping it flat and smooth as the needle flows through the fabric.

If you too are struggling, consider researching some of these tools to make the job easier. Now all I need to do is PRACTICE.


Jackie said...

I have one of Patsy's beginning DVD's. Isn't she a talented woman? You're so lucky to have her as a friend and I'm so glad that she's helped you figure out what would work for you. It's not as scary as it first seems! Congrats!

nzeller said...

Try "Machingers" gloves. Every time I teach a free-motion class, I let people try on a pair. 9 out of 10 times they're walking out the door with a newly purchased pair.