Monday, September 14, 2009


Once a Packer fan, always a Packer fan. I grew up about 45 mins. from Green Bay.....where the world stops when the Packers play.

It doesn't get any better then this.....yesterday's opening game was held at Lambeau Field against long time rival, the Chicago Bears. Oh.....too bad Bear Fans, your new QB looked pitiful, while our patient Aaron Rogers and the boys won!!!

My nephew has organized a Football Suicide Pool for the last several years. This year it consists of 44 people. Each week we select ONE team to spreads or points....just to win. The catch is, you can only select that team one time during the entire season. If your team are out. The last man (or woman) standing wins the entire pot...which is $880! Of course, it is shared if there's a tie.

After pouring over all the odds....I picked Indianapolis to beat Jacksonville.....they did, however the score was a bit closer than I'd have liked. So far, one participant is out due to their pick of Arizona. 4 more participants must wait until tonight's games are over before their fate is known.

My week 2 pick will be decided in the next few days...... I'm saving Green Bay.....because I KNOW this is their year....Super we come!

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I Tivo'd the game and watched it later.
Unfortunately I missed the end as the Tivo time ran out before the game was over.
Of course I was able to check the score on line and was a happy camper!!!!!!