Monday, September 7, 2009


Spritzer Sister Francie shared two more of her quilts that are in the permanent collection of the UW Children's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

Naturally, I adore anything with a cow motif.....and this one is just too cute! Spritzer Sister's have their own term for quilts (and other things) like this.....we say: Oh for cute!

But the biggest reason I wanted to share these quilts today is because the image of a pig is quite timely in our life. 'The husband' has been suffering from a summer cold......which has been hanging on for over a week now. We all know guys don't suffer quietly (well.....neither do this may not be an appropriate jab the other opposite sex)..... But he's been hinting the last few days that 'perhaps he has swine flu'.......get a's a cold! So, I'm printing off a photo of SSF's pig quilt and will be taping it to his medicine cabinet mirror today!

Happy Labor Day!

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