Sunday, September 20, 2009


One of our favorite past times is driving around in our open sports car......taking in the scenery. About 10 years ago, we were roaming the rural country roads around Richland Center, WI. It's a lovely area, full of high bluffs and long valleys, near the Wisconsin River.

As we drove up a winding road from the valley floor and came around a curve, we spotted this home when it was just a shell. It literally took my breath away. This isn't just an ordinary log home, it's a timber home......some of the logs are 45" in diameter and 45' long.

We watched its slow construction process for years and years......literally, work would move along and then nothing for a very long time.

We still watch the housing market in WI......I guess the midwest is not totally out of our blood. We were astonished to see it completed and for sale here. If you have an extra 3 million to'll enjoy the views!

Sadly, I'm not crazy about the decor......but someone sure has paid attention to even includes a hot tub on a deck that rotates to take advantage of the best views during various times of the day.

This photo could have been taken here in NC......we were amazed to realize one of the things that caught our attention about this home was the view.....which is quite similar to what we see in our current surroundings. At the in NC was not even on our radar!

I love watching the real estate and home fix up shows on HGTV.......if you do sure to click on the link provided above to see how the other half (1%) lives!

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Suzanne said...

Wowza! What a house! Unlike you, the BIG downside for ME is the SNOW. I grew up in Wisconsin, and frankly, if I never see another snowflake, it will be too soon. But it IS gorgeous--both the house and that white stuff. Thanks for sharing.