Friday, August 28, 2009


Thank you Jackie for suggesting the Spritzer Sister's share some of their quilts.......we are happy to do that!

This quilt was designed and made by SSF. It's our guild motto!!

The Spritzer Sisters love to issue a challenge to their guild. Naturally, because we always agree, our rules are immediately agreed upon and easily altered if necessary. In 2004, SSF seemed to have crisis after of which was flooding issues. So we decided to do "Crisis" quilts.......each had to have lettering, pieced borders, beads, and size limitations.

Pulled From Every Direction is my really says it all......I think every quilter feels this way......when all we really want to do is sew! It's hand appliqued, hand quilted and heavily embellished.

SSF hand appliqued and hand quilted hers too. 'Chrisy Crisis' standing on a rain cloud on a tight rope......which is raining (beads) into the houses. We were absolutely floored when we had the 'reveal' of our pieces at my weekend cabin during our annual retreat in 2005. We never shared our pieces during the process of we were struck dumb (but never quiet) at how similar they were.....down to the crazy hair do's.

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