Friday, August 14, 2009


For a number of years, I was one of the faculty members at Sievers School of Fiber Arts on Washington Island, WI. Naturally, while teaching workshops there was little time to explore the many riches this beautiful place provides.....but this visit is for R & now I can.....

The island is accessed only by car ferry (or private plane). The 'cruise' takes about 30 mins. from Gils Landing in Door County. (If you look at a map of Wisconsin.....follow the thumb to the very end....that's where the ferry dock is located.

The day could not have been more perfect.....sunshine, warm weather, with Lake Michigan's waters hardly making a ripple as we head out of the dock.

About half way across we spot the ferry taking passengers and their cars from Washington Island to the mainland.

We stayed at a small inn right on the shores of the lake. This is the view from our balcony.

There are no restuarant chains on the hotel chains either, instead, visitors explore the local eateries. The Sailors Pub is located in this busy marina.

'The husband' admired this man and his toy! It's a boat lift crossing the street......

This is a public beach.....the cove is popular for its calm waters and smooth rocky shore.

Surprisingly, there is a steep cliff on what is otherwise a flat island. This section of stairs was one of 4 that turned it's way up to the top of a lookout tower.

What a view.......all the way out to Lake Michigan. It's good to take the time to stop and smell the fresh air!

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