Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'll continue sharing my Wisconsin sightseeing adventures today with photos of Rock Island State Park which is 900 acres, originally the home of the Thordsarson Estate which has now been entered in the National Register of Historic Places by the Secretary of the Interior.

This island too can only be accessed by ferry......however, unlike Washington Island, no autos or bicycles are permitted. We took this small passenger ferry for a pleasant 15 minute voyage to Wisconsin's furthest northeast point. Karfi, an Icelandic term means: seaworthy ship for coastal voyages.

With 35 walk in campsites.....all full we were told, we saw hearty folks hauling about 10 times the 'stuff' we quilters would bring for a quilt retreat. The closest site was about 1 mile from the dock.....I couldn't believe the many trips they'd make hauling their tents, food, packs, tons of tote bags, fishing gear, was mouth dropping. I got tired just watching them.

There are 8 walking trails of varying length on the island. This elaborate wooden fence is the entrance to what was once a garden and now the pathway to the lighthouse.

I loved the idea of providing a place for those who can stop themselves from defacing trees, posts, fences etc.

This is Potawatomi Light.....Wisconsin's oldest lighthouse which came into operation in 1836.

We were lucky enough to tour it.......and were surprised at the very nice accommodations the keepers had. We were told it was one way to entice someone out there for months on end. This is the view from a tiny window on the 2nd floor.

A big surprise was to find so many quilts........

Sometimes the keeper would bring his wife to stay as an assistant......which explains this sewing machine.

What a treat to step back in time......

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Carol Sloan said...

I love all the vintage quilts! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photographs Mary! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!