Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'll need a vacation after this one and because there's so much to share, this is my 2nd post today.....

On the rocky cliff where the lighthouse sits, you'll find a steep path that leads downward to two caves where supplies were kept cool during the summer months. Further down, there are now stairs that lead to the rocky shore of Lake Michigan.....pristine with a soothing sound as the waves ripple over the rocks.

We walked over 6 miles on the trails......where 3 cemeteries can be found along the way. This single stone in a rather large fenced off cemetery gave me a sad feeling. In case it's unreadable once's what it says: David E. Corbin born Vermont 1975 SGT War of 1812
1st keeper of the Pottawatomie Light 1837-1852 Died December 1852.

The DNR has done a great job of providing informative placards around the island and on remaining structures which was helpful on our self-guided tour. I took close up photos of this one which was referring to what is now being called "Hidden Village". It explains that a small fishing village was established in 1836, though the site is mostly rubble now.

By about 1865 most of the residents had relocated to Washington Island where the then larger ships could be provided with a safe harbor. The last family left around 1890.

This impressive boat house is now used as a museum......

And what'da know?? Archaeologists who've studied the island have found many trade beads......who'd have guessed that my outing would bring me in touch with two of my favorites things....quilts and beads!

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