Monday, August 31, 2009


The Spritzer Sisters surely must have been wired with the same code.....Our work is often so similar despite not even telling each other what we are doing....or even mentioning our latest designs. Really, it's quite astonishing....

Pierre the Chicken is one of several quilts SSF has made for the American Family University of Wisconsin - Madison Children's Hospital. How perfect is that to lighten up the mood at such a scary place for a child!?!?

Funky Rooster is a piece I created as a workshop project for my Hawaii Quilting Tour.

This quilt was inspired from a drawing by SSF's granddaughter, it also hanging at the UW Children's Hospital. Of course I found the bead embellished button flowers soooo charming.

Fluttering By is a piece I created for the Pilgram/Row Challenge which benefits the MAQS museum in Paducah. Notice the background fabric I used is the same one SSF utilized in the inner border of her butterfly quilt.

And yes.....we finish each other's sentences too!

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