Saturday, August 29, 2009


The Fiber Junkies is a new group that I belong to. The talent of the 4 other members makes me grateful to call them friends. Friends who share!! The focus of this group is to share our special technical skills and of course to create inspiration.

I'm sure Nancy Bruce doesn't sleep.....she can't possibly master all her unique ideas in the hours we mortals are used to working in. She felts, rusts, dyes, over-dyes, embroiders, crochets, tats (I'm not even sure how that is spelled!) and beads, just to mention a few of her accomplishments. I'm convinced she'll dye anything that isn't moving.

Words aren't necessary for you to enjoy these visual wonders......

I'll comment here because you'd never guess how what these beautiful pins are created from....
The 'altered' frame began as a white cardboard slide. The film was removed and replaced with fascinating stamps. I fell in love with them.....

Felted scissors sheath.....note the little dyed lace flowers!

She's rusted and dyed these pieces of lace....which will find their way into something new....probably tomorrow!

A highly embellished crazy patch necklace pouch.

Nancy felted and shaped these water bottle cozies. Each is further embellished with little treasures. Often she'll use inexpensive plastic and costume jewelry pieces that she rusts.

This piece is in progress.......she laughed when I took a photo because I totally overlooked the flower head pins still in the work......all I saw was wonderful subtle colors and texture. I almost tripped over myself getting my camera in focus.


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