Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I hope you had a chance to get to know the Spritzer Sisters by reading my last post. Our two person quilt guild has proved to bring joy to both our lives.

SSF (Spritzer Sister Francie) and I truly have toooo much fun together......perhaps we even become a bit juvenile together. Nah.....not us!

I thought I'd share some of our silliness: We both taught at Siever's School of Fiber Arts, on Washington Island, WI. A fabulous place to take a workshop in a large variety of subjects. To spread out the timing of quilting classes, generally the quilt teachers didn't teach the same weeks. In June 1995, they made an exception and the Spritzer Sisters were each scheduled to teach a long weekend class at the same time.

The two of us were beside ourselves with anticipation. Since we both had quite a long drive, we decided to meet in Bailey's Harbor, WI, the day before where we spent the night. The following morning we took the ferry over to the island which gave us plenty of time to get settled in the cottage the teachers share. Additionally, we organized our classrooms which were in different buildings. SS (Spritzer Sisters) pride themselves on always being prepared!
As I mentioned in my previous posts, I came across a folder of mementos from the various SS's jaunts. In it was this small journal that SSF and SSM (Spritzer Sister Mary) made together to record our journey. I took it apart and scanned it.....I'm hoping this will be readable....you should be able to click on each page to enlarge them. Read the pages from left to right, row by row. I've posted the first of 4 sections.....(4 small journal pages to each posted page). There will be more to follow.

This may be 'you just had to be there' kind of things.....perhaps though you will get into the spirit of the Spritzer Sisters way of thinking.

Oh....the original journal was written on the two paper bath mats from our bathroom in the rather lower end (though it was clean) motel room where we stayed the first night. SSF & SSM considered using a pillow case but thought better of it. Ya, we admit....we used a hand towel as a bath mat the next morning.

Read on......

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Shar said...

what a fun 'story'. Can't wait for more.