Thursday, August 27, 2009


Introducing.........ta da......guest blogger Spritzer Sister Francie Ginocchio.....or better known as SSF.

Here's SSF on a whale watching cruise in San Diego - Feb. 2009

SSF is a fabulous fiber artist.....truly.....she has conquered every area of quilting/design/and stitching skills. This piece features silk, stitching, beads, and porcupine quills.

Francie shares the following with you:

Greetings from Spritzer Sister Francie (SSF), now living in Rochester, MN (as of July 2009) whom you probably thought was a figment of SSM's imagination. Not true. Here I am.

Mary's Blog reminiscing about our teaching and class adventures prompted an overdue phone call to her yesterday....there was lots to catch up on! Since meetings have been few and far between, we now rely on email and occasional phone calls. Mary's been on the quilting/beading/felting/writing/teaching trail and we've both moved (I'm ahead in that department) but we're still on the same wavelength.

My archive of The World's Smallest Quilt Guild items is still in a box in our storage unit, but I have the camp song right in front of me, and thought it needed a couple new verses such as:

#1. Bead, Bead, Bead your Quilt

(Neither one of us feels our quilted work is complete until beads are added.)

#2. Felt, Felt, Felt the Wool

(We both started felting about the same time and didn't even know it! We have not compared stashes of wool roving as yet.)

Here's one more story (Stori). One night at Split Rock Arts Program in Duluth, Mary was "quietly" resting in her bedroom while I was soaking in the tub (exhausted from trying to behave in class all day), dinner out (with wine) and a late evening work session in the classroom. All of a sudden I shouted from the tub "Spritzer - where's the car?" - realizing that we'd left it parked at the class building and had inadvertently walked back to our rented mini-apartment. Yikes, double yikes! The Spritzer Sisters sprang into action, threw clothes on, tied their shoes (Ok, SSM didn't have to tie her clogs) and walked as fast as possible to the classroom to retrieve the car before it got towed - hysterically laughing all the way. I guess you had to be there.....

That wraps up my first blog commentary (Bloggentary).

Respectfully submitted,

Francie SSF Ginocchio

Note from SSM.......we suspect most of you may feel our travel down memory is something we could/should have kept to ourselves.....nah, Spritzers are all about trying to snap you out of your trances and into laughing out loud. We feel everyone should laugh hard enough for milk (or wine) to spray out of your nose each day. If the demand is there, the Spritzers will be happy to share some more of their adventures/journals. We've already agreed that we may have to 'redact' some of the text to protect the guilty....Spritzer Sister's see all and make comments about things that perhaps need to be kept we never know who will be reading it. Let us know if you want more......


KQ Sue said...

Crazy? what crazy? Sound like AQS in Knoxville. #? quilt shops, 2 Sue's, 4 days, base camped between Knoxville & Sevierville; and the TV never got turn on. My DH and her daughter thought that was crazy. Oh, yeah, I forgot the box of wine, X.

KQ Sue said...

Ooops, I forgot, more more!

Sharlene said...

Yes, more is always better.
Welcome to Rochester, MN and we have a wonderful quilt guild here. Need more info?