Sunday, March 25, 2012


Those of us who've had the privilege to scamper about the world sharing our love of quilting know just how lucky we are.

If one has their head screwed on straight....they also realize we aren't solving the world's problems (though if everyone WAS a quilter....perhaps we'd play better with each other!)  Instead, we generally spend a few days with like minded new friends and move on.  And of course, our new friends move on to new ideas as well.  

I can't count the number of times I've sat in a guild meeting during show and tell when members proudly display a finished piece from a workshop and oops...with great embarrassment, they can't recall the name of the instructor. It's that's probably due to the fact that the class took place 12 months ago!

So.....when I hear from a quilter who does remember me.....I'm so very, very touched.  This has happened twice this heart is swelling!

This beautiful scissors fob was made for me by Jo in Millerville, NJ who writes....."thanks for being so inspirational to me and my hand work".  

No, it's you Jo that I owe my appreciation...if it wasn't for quilters like you.....I'd be home 24-7 with 'the retired husband' all give me the opportunity and incentive to continue to create.

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