Thursday, March 22, 2012


I was so proud of the hard working students who took my scissors sheath workshop in Lancaster last week.

It was a project class, developed for the purpose of learning the bead embroidery stitch, an edging technique, and most importantly, the even count flat peyote stitch which was worked around flat mirrors.

Check out the creativity below.....none are difficult stitches......perhaps time consuming..... but worth it!

 Now this is back at the hotel, I get off the elevator on my floor and I notice small sequins on the carpet.....leading to a room near mine.  I could just imagine someone coming back from an embellishment class trailing these items behind her....or was she leaving a trail for her buddies to find her room??

I now realize I should have photographed some reference points like the elevator door and the hotel room door......  oh well.....I had all I could do to pull out my camera as I juggled a huge teaching suitcase and my ubber heavy video/camera/computer bag.

The hotel staff was probably also vacuuming up thread for a week following our invasion of their facilities!

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