Sunday, March 4, 2012


.......continuing the design process....

 Next I began to turn my attention to the foreground design elements. I envisioned elongated (folk art style) musical instruments swirling around the (now yellow) moon.  

Seriously, I spent days using Photoshop to stretch and bend their shapes and trying to draw them myself.  Nothing worked.....the fiddle ended up looking like a bass and the bass looked like a cruise ship!

I started over by making simple paper templates shapes, thinking I could line them up as if they were 'the' band members.  BUT....I didn't feel as though I achieved any real movement with the design. the arrangement was changed....and NOTE....I got the 'blue' moon back into the picture! lacked movement and my plan to scatter beaded musical notes for additional interest paled as simply too unimaginative.

So, I experimented with adding a 'line' of notes to provide direction and movement.
......using heavy weight thread, lines were added with machine stitching. beads were stitched depicting 'notes'.  (The untidy white threads are my basting stitches which hold the larger applique pieces securely to the muslin foundation.....)

Check back tomorrow for the reveal.


SuZeFashion said...

So interesting to see the different ideas and revisions. Glad to see the blue moon made it back into the design. Looking forward to the reveal!

Kit Lang said...

Wonderful - I love the instruments and it has reminded me of that fairy story "The Musicians of Bremen". I think I shall have to make a piece inspired by them now! :)