Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Though I'll probably always teach (I love it so much).....as some of you are aware, I've been cutting back on the number of invitations I commit to.  Instead of so much time traveling, my attention is turning more and more toward selling my work.

It pleases me so much when I have the opportunity to get acquainted with the 'keepers' of my work....  During my trip to the AQS show in Lancaster, 3 pieces were sold and will now be living in PA, NY, & GA....

 Olivia purchased "A Tisket, a Tasket" - the original quilt which appeared in my book, "Embellishing With Felted Wool".  Others from that book are available here.
 Nancy took home "Captured" - a newer piece made with felted wool and bamboo rayon felt.  The making of this piece was featured in past blogs.
And last but not least..... O.V., who loves angels....promised to love and cherish "Let's Go Left".  It's a hand appliqued, hand quilted and 3-D applique quilt featuring angels turning left toward Paduch (oh my...instead of right toward heaven!!)

You can view other pieces for purchase in my shop.....many of which have been published either in books or magazines and exhibited in quilt shows.  

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Kit Lang said...

Congrats on your sales - the new owners look very deserving. :)