Saturday, March 24, 2012


Do you feel grumpy when you aren't stitching?  I sure do.....happily I was able to squeeze in some time between attending to the 18 month old dog we just adopted (who has taken over the household) to finish this piece. More about 'the dog' coming soon.  And yes, for those who've been asking via email...she now has a name!

But let's look at my newest piece, shall we?

Sea Shells  9" x 12" 2012
Woolfelt and bamboo rayon felt, machine quilted, and embellished with sea shells and beads.

The back story of this piece appeared in my blogs on Feb. 14-17, 2012, here,

I started it with the intention of donating it to AAQI for their big quilt sale at Quilt Festival in the fall.  The idea was to make several less time consuming pieces this year, rather than the one major beaded piece I've donated in past years.  Thus....making it possible for more folks to be able to purchase one of my beaded pieces for such a great cause.

However, I'm now reconsidering, simply because a great design inspiration has hit me that would be perfect for the fall sale instead.  Heck, I may donate both....  For now however, this piece will be offered for sale here. if you are interested.

Detail - beaded edging

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