Monday, March 5, 2012


.....The saga between creating the center of the quilt and adding the borders was posted here and here. There would have been easier ways to make this design had I not started with the center and/or if I wouldn't have been so stubborn about the desire to have a seamless border!

 .....eventually I did get the border on and the layers basted.  Normally I like to hand quilt....ya, some of us still enjoy that satisfying task!  Truth be told though....I'm not an accomplished machine quilter and don't enjoy that process.
Due to time constraints....machine quilting was my only option.

 ....however free-motion quilting was avoided at all costs.  Which meant I was cramming, shoving, and grumbling all the time as I twisted and turned the quilt, stitching with the feed dogs up and the even feed foot engaged.

The results were predictable.....the quilt got stretched out of shape.  After much moaning.....I got busy....  
 The quilt was squared up by pulling and tugging into shape. It was pinned to my carpet and steamed into shape.  I was dubious that the piece could be saved, but it worked!

42' x 32"


About me said...

I think it looks WONDERFUL!!!!!

Kit Lang said...

I love that the other instruments are inside that guitar - and love all those moody blues. I know he wasn't a blues guy - but it reminds of John Coltrane.

Love it!

Robbie said...

It's a wonderful piece!!! The postage stamp design is perfect! Nice to see someone else has a struggle from time to time!!