Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Years and years traveling the quilting highway has allowed me to visit many quilt guilds all across the US and in other countries.  And...not surprising....I could list a top 10 favorite if pressed.  AND....not surprising's generally due to one or two individuals who went out of their way to make my trip so special.  The biggest bonus is that I can now call these thoughtful and kind quilters a friend.

Trina Zimmerman, Gloversville, NY is one exceptionally talented quilter, paper artist, wife, mother, and non-stop volunteer not only in her quilt guild....but in her community.

Two of the Gloversville guild members were in a workshop of mine at the AQS Lancaster show.....more gal pals for me to love!!  They brought a surprise gift to me from Trina.....   Feast your eyes...below are just a sample of the fabulous note cards she made.  Sorry everyone...she doesn't sell them.....which makes my gift even more special.

 The cup looks to be the real straw and the tasteful embossing....
 Every envelop is personalized with the card's theme....
 Trina utilizes rivets, colored strings, and 3-D (or raised) motifs to add interest to the cards.
 No two are alike.......each with their own special theme...this one all tied up with a ribbon.
My feet were tapping as I read the record labels....Hound Dog by Elvis, Baby Love by the Supremes, etc.  The background of this card was embossed with musical notes.  I wonder just how big Trina's rubber stamp & embossing plate collection is??

One card featured may know that 'the husband' rides (I won't....I totally refuse to get on the thing!).....and even after his life threatening accident....the lure of the open road calls him.  That card has already been snuck out of my collection by 'the husband'!

Thank you, thank you Trina....  

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Kit Lang said...

You're a lucky girl!

But these gifts are likely inspired by your kindness/niceness etc. Be glad - wins all 'round! :)