Friday, March 23, 2012


YUP.....I admit it.  I'm a total hotel snob!  'The husband' accepts this fetish and we now make hotel reservations prior to our trips so that we aren't caught having to stop at one where I'm walking backwards out of the room as soon as we've crossed the threshold!

 So....imagine my delight when I checked into my very grand king bed hotel room at the Marriott in Lancaster.  I always rate each stay...silly but I do, and do that in specific categories. I give high rating of 5 bed pillows (like a restaurant critic awarding 5 forks or stars) for the comfort and convenience of the bed.  For needn't actually have 5 bed pillows....though this one had 6 and I was in LOVE.  Double sheeting will always push the rating up, reading lamps built into the headboard are a super big bonus.  When the bed is placed so one can easily see the TV while reclining...that's extra points and even better when the overhead a/c heat vents aren't over my head!
 The bathroom was fab too.....loved the large mirror...frame was etched metal...granite counter top....with lots of room.  One negative was poor lighting.  I think hotels sometimes don't remember that men are not their only customers!
This space got a 4 toilet tank rating (down from the potential high of 5 due to the dim light).  The toilet didn't run when flushed, and sorry if this is too flushed the first time AND the toilet seat was a full one....not those nasty new cheap seats with cut out in the front...yuck.
 This seems to be the new thing..... wood coffee/tea catty......makes one feel very high end.  The coffee maker actually made hot, delicious coffee w/o leaking.  A rating of 5 coffee cups!
And finally.....don't ya love the looks like a lovely quilt design.  The decor and cleanliness got a rating of 5 white gloves!!

I'm finishing a project today......well, I hope today....seriously with this new house guest (the dog that now has a forever home) my routine has been very interrupted.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track and share some fiber with you.

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Robbie said...

I love this post! A hoot but very informative as well! We were given a room once that I swore someone was killed in! needless to say, we moved to another hotel! Yikes!