Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's time to meet the new member of our you've gathered, I haven't been on board with adding the responsibility and work of bringing a dog into our household.  I must admit, I am not that much of a pet lover....actually pretty much not a pet lover.  However, our son's dog, Nali (who now lives in San Francisco) worked her way into my heart when we were her care takers for two months several years ago.

So, it was only a matter of time before 'the husband' found a "Nali" clone at Sarges, a no kill animal rescue program where he volunteers weekly taking photos of dogs/cats and posting to the Internet in hopes of finding them 'forever' homes. 

This 18 month old block head black lab was owner reason was given.  She was crate trained and housebroken, already spayed, and had most of her shots.  She has the typical lab personality.....happy and wanting to please (most of the time until her hunting instincts take over!)

Notice how placid she looks.....certainly not the steam engine that hurt my back as I hauled her home by her collar after she ran off on Monday.  I'm still in big time pain.  She has become an escape artist who can't be allowed outside without a leash.  Sooty will be going through dog training soon!

I myself would probably never click on the following short video of her.....but you dog lovers might enjoy seeing the docile side of this lab!  And you'll wonder how she could possibly be responsible for hurting my back!  I'm hoping the pain will settle down and that I can get back into the studio to sew right quick....(right quick....another Southern expression I've picked up!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for rescuing oozy. i work in poodle rescue, and I am always happy when a dog finds her forever home,

Robbie said...

AAHHHHHHHHHHHH Way too cute!!! And I can tell by hubby's voice he'll be the perfect companion for her!!! Labs are great and this one will become a forever friend!! They're smart dogs so doggie school will be perfect!! And a rescue to boot!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

THAT is a classic video. Brought back memories of our many labs doing exactly the same thing. Thud thud thud, I'm so cute, while mom stands in the corner KNOWING it's all a cover! Good luck with Sooty and never underestimate the strength of a labrador, now matter what the size.