Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My teaching schedule keeps me hopping.....as does having a retired husband at home! Therefore, I don't have much free time to roam the (what seems like) zillions of blogs out in our information highway.

I thank all of you who stay connected to my rather insignificant world......knowing you are there helps me to keep my eyes open for what I hope is good content and of course some silliness!

Wanda Hanson, a productive quilter who I've known since my days of living in the Chicago area, shares a lot of piecing/cutting tips in her blog. Her most recent post led me to a another site.

It's for the Quilts of Valor Foundation.....this group is not about politics, it's about people. I've sat at many a quilt guild meeting during my travels where members show their donation quilts.....and I'm ashamed to say I've never visited this site before. With the 4th of July (and the celebration's original intent) so fresh in my mind, I literally got goose bumps viewing their site.

To date they've presented 28,227 quilts to the men and women who service us....... Consider contacting a local group and offer your help.....I am.


SandyQuilts said...

Do you know Alycia with her No Solider Forgotten

Another terrific, tireless worker.

Exuberant Color said...

Mary, I had never heard of QOV until a couple years ago either. Then another blogger contacted me since she saw I had a lot of tops and wanted to know if I wanted to ship her tops and she would quilt and bind them and make the labels and we could donate them to QOV together. We did 4 of them this way and then I found a local group this year to work with.

Sara in Florida said...

Hi Mary-I'm coming to your Ashville get together, and do QOV. I'll bring the one I'm working on now to show you.
Sara in Fla.