Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm sure you all have felt my frustration yesterday.......I arrived at my destination about 8:00 PM, had a good night sleep and am a happy camper again. Here are my visual bread crumbs.....

Airport # before crack o'dawn......but as you can see.......other eager passengers are mulling about too.

Airport #1 - ON time flight??? Oh no it's NOT! Sure I want mechanical issues fixed....but this plane overnighted at airport #1.......why did they wait till the morning to begin the 'minor' fix?

So over an hour late.....I arrive at airport #2...... They all sort of look alike, don't they?

The good news at first was finding out that the business class section of this second flight had these really great seats. Pod like cubbies with large flat screen TVs that had video on demand. You could select movies, documentaries, TV shows, sports.....etc. Since we sat on the ground due to another mechanical.....a problem in the galley (hey....there were more than one galley on this plane and they don't serve food for most of the passengers anyway......let's just go....forget the repair.) But, of course I'm not in charge so the fix took an hour, then we waited 45 mins. for the paperwork to clear and then another 45 mins. for the push out tug to get the plane away from the gate.....all the while I was watching the time tick away, knowing I'd likely miss my next connection. What kept my head from exploding was that I would literally lay back....the seats recline to a flat bed and anywhere in between.....while watch 3 episodes of Mad Men! (New season airing in a few weeks).

Another view of these seats......

Instead of the thin blankets.....we got these hotel type white fluffy duvets.....wonderful! is airport #3......can you guess where this is?

Because I did miss my connection at airport #3.......I spent 6 hrs. here in United's Red Carpet Club waiting for the next flight. I've always said the day I can't justify having a airline club membership is the day I STOP teaching that requires air travel. It's a safe & comfortable haven for those of us who have to connect a lot.

The 6 hours ticked by......and finally I made my way to my gate at airport do you know where this is??? Of course this photo may be misleading.....

This is the best bread crumb.........the gate agent became my hero.....after fussing with United, assuring them that overnighting at airport #3 and then taking 2 more flights the next morning to get to my destination was NOT an option that I'd accept.....I was assigned a seat on a direct flight.....where they claimed no first class was available. Again, not true.......this darling agent played with her computer & put a smile on my face.

And with that smile....I boarded my final flight and arrived at airport # 4. Do you know where I am??

UPDATE....Yes, Wendy guessed correctly....I'm in Eugene, OR......and happy to be here!


Jane Moxey said...

Wherever you have landed (and I am guessing the Pacific Northwest because of the evergreen tree beyond the duckie) after so much hassle must be somewhere you REALLY want or need to be! If it's for Work, then I hope you are being handsomely rewarded!!!

Wendy said...

Eugene, Oregon?
Sorry you had such a rough trip. Coulda' been worse, though. =-) (Always the Silver Lining.)