Sunday, July 11, 2010


The very productive members of our PTA small fiber group always make show and tell such an are some more great pieces from our meeting this past week.

Gen brought this new purse to share.....we all wanted to keep it ourselves!

She also claims this is her last big quilt......we don't believe her. It was made specifically to fit the bed of someone special.

And another of Gen's pieces that she's been working on for awhile......a large pieced quilt.

I liked the combination of patchwork, heavy machine stipple quilting, embroidery, and the addition of painted flowers. Lovely!

Georgia Bonesteel lives on a lovely quiet lake......her property reminds me so much of the cottage lake homes we frequented while I was growing up in Wisconsin. She's in the process of completing this vertical loom. It's located on a flat area of their hillside, near the water.

It's basically a wood frame structure, fitted with heavy twine, where other fibers can be woven through for display. She had a basket of plant material along with colorful strips of knit fiber that (if I got this correct) she got at a sock factory.

I came home all jazzed about making one......unfortunately, 'the husband' has yet to see the charm in it!

Wouldn't you love a view like this??

The water lily flowers were just brings me back home with memories of the Midwest....and grateful that I'm now making new ones here in the mountains of North Carolina!

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