Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I had lists and lists of places, shops, galleries, & restaurants for the participants on my Great Smoky Mountain Quilting Tour to visit during their week here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

In an effort to organize and refresh 'Mary's Picks'......the husband and I did one last walking tour of downtown Asheville.

I hadn't realized that the Thomas Wolfe Memorial was so convenient to our hotel.......basically, it's only a few steps from the front door. Here visitors are enjoying a little Blue Grass music that was offered during the 4th of July weekend.

Another block or so away, at the Asheville Community Theater, visitors can find some clever metal art displayed on their walls.

Art can be found everywhere in Asheville.....

Even the manhole covers are artistic!

After a nice long walk, we headed back to the hotel.....where I noticed this lovely outdoor area....just perfect for our group to relax and enjoy the mountain air after a day of what I'm sure will be visual overload!

The tour is less than a month away........I'm ready to greet our guests and show them Southern Hospitality....with my Wisconsin accent! I wish you could all join us......maybe next year.....I'll be announcing my newest trip soon........which will take place on the water!

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