Wednesday, July 28, 2010


After getting on countless airplanes for all of my bookings over the last 25+ years......I've recently had the opportunity to visit some local groups. taking off my shoes, squeezing in a seat that contains half the butt from a seat mate! It's just me in my car......6 maps, a gps, and my XM radio.....(but of course I will still get lost...which is perhaps the reason I've always accepted invitations that require air travel where someone picks me up at the airport and does the driving.)

So.....not long ago I visited the Threads of Time Quilt Guild in Lexington, SC. Wonderful Southern hospitality!!

Marie Jefferies sent me these photos.....saying she was 'practicing what she learned' in one of my beading technique workshops. I'd say she caught on fast!! Please enjoy.....and thank you Marie for sharing!!!

I might mention that using prints, such as this flower, is a good way to introduce beading into one's work. The design lines are already in place.....just follow them with the appropriate stitches!

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