Monday, July 19, 2010


I love to antique.....esp. when I'm looking for specific items and spending someone else's money......tx's for the fun two shopping days Pork and Barb!!

Sometimes you can find the strangest things....... Re-purposing items is very satisfying.....but I'm clueless how anyone would use this outdoor john seat?!?! However, I'm sure one of you readers will have a great idea....

If I'd have had room to bring this home.....I'd have slapped my money down for one of these graphically intriguing rusted bed springs. I can totally see this on a wall or as a room divider....but equally sure 'the husband' wouldn't see the charm in that idea!

Another....I wish I could have brought this'd be such an unusual piece of yard art. (In case you don't recognize youngin's's a vintage baby swing.)

This folk art bee photo is for you Connie bee keeper pal who is a member of our PTA fiber art group. It was too big......or it would have been yours!


We DID rescue this weathered ladder during our shopping will be used to display a quilt in a family room.

Another 'find' on our Sunday trek through antique shops......the lid opens to reveal a purple painted cubbyhole......just the place to store all those remote controls!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this food's sooooo Oregon....(California too!)


Jim and Susan said...

Have seen old bed springs used as card and photo holders. Great fun!

KQ Sue said...

I have seen toilet lids used for picture frames. Out house seat should work, you wouldn't have to open it to see the picture. I would find a painting of an outhouse to frame, with it. (If I didn't have a husband.)