Friday, July 2, 2010


I had THE MOST wonderful Mother-in-law in the world! It's her that I have to thank for putting a needle in my hand......not to mention her own talents creating wearable art which were my inspiration.....AND for her never-ending encouragement. What a lucky gal I am to have had her in my life!

She and my FIL traveled extensively, often to Asia.....where she amassed a large collection of authentic batik fabrics.....many of which have been passed down to me.

I've wanted to use them in a quilt for ages....but like many of you who own specials fabrics, it's difficult to actually cut into them. Finally I did.....

I decided not to chop them up into small unrecognizable favor of keeping the patches larger to retain visibility of the patterns. My goal was a large lap quilt for 'the husband's' leather couch in his 'man cave'.

Piecing is not my favorite part of quilting.......but these blocks are so simple, even I can't mess them up!

Once 'the husband' saw the piece....he suggested I expand it (a lot) to display on the staircase wall in our greatroom. This difficult to hang location requires a big quilt. We hung one I hand quilted years ago when we moved into this house.....and knew once it was up, it was up for good.

Okay, so if I make a new one, I can allow the current quilt to rest. But the bad news is it has to get hung. Seriously, that could be placing our lives in danger. So I'm pondering if I'll continue making blocks or whim out!

Now of course I'm sorry I didn't snap a photo of the quilt/space I'm yacking about......maybe I can post one tomorrow......


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Yes, you did have a wonderful mother in law.
I fell privileged to have known her.

The Idaho Beauty said...

This is very cool Mary, a good choice of pattern for the fabric. Will you be hand quilting? As great a compliment as it is from hubby to want to hang it in the stairwell, when you mentioned it was for his leather couch in the man cave, I thought how very perfect it would be. Enough fabric for two? ;-)