Friday, October 3, 2014


A stack of marbled fabric printed awhile ago kept calling me.  I blogged about the process here, and here too.  After many, many, and many more enjoyable evenings adding hand embroidery and bead's now finished.

This type of fabric can be challenging to work with.  It's beautiful on its own, yet very finding the right combination to 'incorporate' into the design....that doesn't compete with it requires patience....and perhaps 'unstitching' more than I'd like to admit!  (click photo to enlarge)

PURPLE AGATE  10" X 8" -  MARY STORI  © 2014
Artist marbled cotton, hand embroidered, bead embellished, featuring a beautiful purple agate.  Museum wrapped on canvas frame, ready to hang.

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Sorry....I can't resist.......Packers 42 - Vikings 10 
We are happy Cheeseheads!!!


Vera Holmgren said...

It's so lovely, like small rivers and a pond.

Norma Schlager said...

You certainly used that marbled fabric to its best effect. The purple agate is the perfect finishing touch.

Nancy said...

Stunning! You chose the added stitching and embellishments well- it's just right.

Robbie said...

You always know what to do with a piece of fabric. I never would have used this piece to embellish/embroider. I've been curious as to how you would finish since you first posted! A wonderful piece!!!