Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Don't we all look forward and gear up for special occasion birthdays? This month, Fiber Junkie's member Denny had a significant birthday which of course, we needed to acknowledge and celebrate.  
 Denny enjoys using spider web designs in her our party theme was easy considering Halloween is so close.  Judy has made a hand dyed table cloth for the guest of honor at our previous 'big' birthday celebrations......and she did for this one as well.  However, to preserve the was covered with this fabric that Kate tried to convince everyone that she hand stitched.  NOT!!!  
 Although we do fuss.....we are sensible with our time as paper products, plus fun 'embellishments' make entertaining easy on the hostess.
 We dressed Denny with a dyed cheesecloth shawl, a lovely (cheap) plastic necklace, a stylish witches hat and broom......
 Extra fabric goodies for our birthday girl.
And....the real reason for making the bread sticks that I blogged about marry the yummy homemade soup made by Gen.


Kathy said...

So much fun, but I'm telling you, those breadsticks really creep me out! Too real!

Nancy said...

Eyeballs on the table, spiders on the plates, and blue finger bread?? You fiber junkies know how to entertain.

Robbie said...

What fun!!! And I love the bread sticks!!!

margaret said...

I can imagine the fun that was had at this crazy party