Thursday, October 23, 2014


At our September Fiber Junkies meeting, we worked with house paint, applying it to previous quilted designs.  Here's the post.
 This is one of my whole cloth trapunto stencil designs that was machine quilted with metallic thread.  The transformation began with a coat of off white house paint.  Then, after numerous applications of other colors.....the results was quite pleasing.
 The next step was to determine the most appropriate method of finishing the edges.  The layers were a little too thick and a bit stiff to achieve a tidy edge using a facing.  The quest to find fabric that showed off the design, but one that didn't detract, was surprisingly time consuming.  

Eventually this piece was unearthed.  It's a dense cotton that was sun printed. The sun didn't cooperate the day I did this so I had been disappointed in the results.  The (sort or) circles were created using stickers as a resist. 
After applying a double fold binding, it still seemed a bit lacking.
 So with metallic thread, I hand stitched some diagonal lines along the binding that met some of the quilted design lines.  I took them off after sewing two sides.

Instead, working with a heavier Maderia metallic embroidery thread, lines are stitched in only a few areas of the binding.  See to enlarge.
OAK LEAVES  12" x 11"
Artist machine quilted and painted cotton.


Nancy said...

You know what's just amazing about this? As I read your description, the sheer number of techniques and products is. Whole cloth, trapunto, stencile, machine quilting, metallic thread-and that's before adding house paint, and all the rest. Wowzer! Beautiful piece.

The Inside Stori said...

That's an interesting observation.....good thing I didn't do them all at once!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Less is more...more impact with just extending some quilting lines over the binding. I think most of us could benefit from a course in self-editing. Leave the viewer's imagination something to do.

Robbie said...

This turned out really, really NICE!!!! Love it!!! So much fun to see it come to life!!! Cool binding technique too.

margaret said...

this has taken so many techniques and you have ended with a lovely small quilt