Monday, October 6, 2014


While you all may have been enjoying creative stitching time, I on the other hand have endured another car race weekend.  BUT, it's the last one of the year that I will be dragged to!!

This may be more than you want to know about my weekend or car feel free to close your browser now.
 A small payoff......Patrick Dempsey, lead actor of Grey's Anatomy - turned race car owner/driver came to the Porscheplatz (hospitality area for members of the Porsche Club of America) for a short chat.  For anyone into racing the fellow to his right is Hurly Haywood.....mucho famous driver.....who has now retired from competitive racing but is now a consultant for Team Dempsey. Yes, Dr. McDreamy is cute in person, however he is a little many race car drivers are.
 If you are still with's a peak at the Porsche garage.  BTW - these are temorary 'garages' put up and taken down at each race they attend.  And we quilters thought we hauled a lot of 'stuff' to our events!
...swarms of technicians surround the two factory sponsored cars.
 Road Atlanta, the host of the Petit LeMans, was PACKED with spectators..... every imaginable vehicle and some you can't imagine were there.  The majority of folks camp....tents, campers, trailers, mega motor homes and then this creative 'camper'.  We talked to some fellows who got in line 7 days early to get a number (12th in line) which allowed them early access, 4 days before the race began!  At least 'the husband' isn't that crazy!
 And another out of the box camper!
 Like I said.....the place was packed.
 There's an almost circus atmosphere....just prior to the beginning of this 10 hour endurance race....3 sky divers leaped from a plane and handed off a huge American flag from one to another.....landing on the starting grid.  I guess you needed to be there it was....awesome.
And of course there was the race.......which ended at 9:15 PM.  PS.....I don't think I've thawed out was cold....made more so by the non-stop wind.  

Now.....with a the rest of the week ahead.....I'm looking forward to sewing....

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Robbie said...

I always enjoy these pictures behind the scenes...I take the trip but don't get cold!