Thursday, October 30, 2014


The Oct. Fiber Junkies meeting included a surprise birthday party for Denny.....see yesterday's post.... and experimenting to finish the projects we started in Sept.

That month we used paper images, adhered to fabric with a glue type medium such as Mod Podge.....
 Now, using mostly transparent paint.....we colored the fabric and with the aid of hairdryers...... quickly dried them.
Next, we each selected another image/s....tracing it with a permanent pen. That was followed by additional painting outside and inside the image with metallic paint. The idea is to retain some of the initial paper images by careful paint placement or rubbing it off where necessary.  This piece is one Kate is finishing for her sister who joined us last month.
 I guess I wasn't totally into this concept in Sept., therefore my paper images are here is my BEFORE.
Here's my after.  I decided not to add more paint after drawing the branches with a permanent pen.
Here's Val's before piece - after she painted around her center paper design the first time.
And her 'after' drawing a design with a pigma pen, followed by the addition of metallic paint.
 Denny's 'after'.......I so wish I'd have taken a 'before' picture since this piece was completely transformed!
Gen's daughter was in town visiting and joined us......and it is apparent she inherited her Mom's talent.  I am especially taken with this one......abstract with delicious colors!

None of us can wait for our Nov. meeting when we will work with soy wax.


Robbie said...

These are SO interesting!!!! WOW!!!

Linda M said...

That looks like fun! I did some years ago but was unhappy with my results, now I think I want to try again! I think the paper I used was too heavy, not transparent.

Teri Berry said...

What an unusual technique and such fabulous results - thank you for sharing!