Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Cooking has always appealed to me....so much so that I ran a small cooking school years ago and authored a children's cookbook, "I'll Eat Anything If I Can Make It Myself".  Numerous back surgeries and guidelines from doctors guided me away from 'standing on my feet all day & carrying heavy equipment".  Ha.....that could describe of the life of a traveling quilt instructor as well!

The funny thing is.....one of my favorite parts of cooking was garnishing/decorating.  I guess it's not a leap to realize all I did was change my materials....instead of garnishing food, I now embellish cloth.
 Halloween party food can be such fun to create.  I've made 'chopped' off finger breadsticks, enhanced with blue food coloring and almond finger nails. Here they are rising....

 Cooling after a generous wash of garlic salted butter......yummmmmm
Lately kitchen experiments have revolved around creating tasty sugar-free desserts.  The timing is right for this pumpkin mousse.  I had planned to mark a spider web into the filling but it went out of my mind until AFTER I added the plastic spiders.  When it sets I'll go back and do that!

Okay....so this isn't my typical blog topic....maybe I needed all this comfort food after Sunday nights' Packer loss to the Saints.....sigh.....


Maartje Quilt said...

I want to taste your halloween food! Have a great time!
Love from Amsterdam

Robbie said...

I just saw these in your other post!!! So cool!!!! I couldn't see what you used for the nail(s) until this post! You are one clever lady!