Wednesday, October 15, 2014


During my most recent teaching trip Shelley Dawson Hendershot made an announcement to her guild members. She introduced the Angel Gown Garment Project.
The organization is called NICU Helping Hands.  It is based in Fort Worth, Texas and lead by Lisa Grubbs. It was founded in 2010 to create "Family Support for Fragile Beginnings."  The Angel Gown Garments are only a tiny portion of the services they offer families.  The dresses began in 2013 because they recognized the overwhelming need to support families who lost a baby while in the hospital.  Volunteers all over the US turn bridal gowns into Angel Gown Garments. They make both boy and girl gowns in three tiny sizes.  We use bridal gowns because "There's something hopeful about that start of life, about a wedding, and to me, it's that full circle. This child who is so loved by their parents, being wrapped in love by a bride." ~Lisa Grubbs, Founder.

Here are some important links.....I encourage you to take a look and help if you can.  Their website and Facebook page will provide more details.

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Robbie said...

I've never heard of this program but it's quite touching...brought tears to my eyes...I'll have to go to links and read more. Thanks for sharing

margaret said...

such a worthwhile cause good of you to take part and make these beautiful little dresses

Nancy said...

Gulp- what a difficult but worthwhile project. Will check this out. The samples you've shown are so sweet.