Friday, October 31, 2014


Perhaps my love of quilts was a direct result of my love of antique furniture, which I've been collecting for about 45 years.  Silly me, when our move from WI to NC took place in 2006.....parting with some treasures was too difficult so they came with us.

Now with only two more teaching trips during the month of Nov. I'm already reorganizing some of my storage spaces.  I must now admit....I truly DO NOT have room to display several pieces that have been hoarded all this time. I realize many of you do not live in the Asheville I hope I won't bore you with this post.  However, I wish to sell both pieces so if anyone is a local me if you are interested.  Pictured are two cross-grain cut oak pieces....

 Wall mounted cabinet 26" x 38" tall x 7.5" deep, with a glass shelf that sits in about the middle of the glass enclosed section.
Beveled mirror  22" high x 44" wide

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Robbie said...

They are both lovely pieces, Mary! I'm sure hard to part with but the space will be well used won't it!