Thursday, November 14, 2013


My needle turned into a magic carpet, taking me to place I would never have dreamed, which provided the opportunity to meet folks from all over the world. Luckily, many acquaintances have turned into friends who have enriched my life immensely.

The blogging world is beginning to replace the 'in person' contact for me and  new friendships continue to develop.

I've been following 'the quilt rat's' blog for some time.....not sure how our paths crossed but Jill Buckley is an artist I've come to admire and respect.  Recently she was blogging about dyeing embroidery threads.....which led to thread envy on my part.   

Well.....I'm one happy gal.....Jill shared some with me.  What a generous jesture.....all the way from Canda!  My head is whirling with ideas about how to incorporate them asap into my work.  I will share photos when I do!  

Jill's business card is an example to her attention to detail.......
The face side features paper toweling, painted, stamped and stitched.  In my humble opinion, she's going to need to make a lot of them.  She is on her way in this industry.....several of her doodle designs are now available in the newest Janome sewing machines.  Yup....that's big time and well deserved recognition for her art.

Thank you Jill!!!!


Quilt Rat said...

So glad you like them Mary, if you recall, when I posted photos of them you commented that you would have liked to grab them right off the screen........well there you go....from the computer screen to your needle....ENJOY!

Robbie said...

I too have followed Jill's blog and her work is outstanding. Can't wait to see how you use the beautiful threads...and we know you will!!!

margaret said...

lovely threads, I sometimes just lay them on a tray and drop silk paint onto them, not sure how colour fast they are but do try and fix them with an iron but tend to use them for things that will not want washing or for samples.

Maybe it is time I had another play!