Wednesday, November 6, 2013


 My visit to the NC Museum of Art was limited, so there was almost no time to stroll through the many other exhibits.
However on a quick glance, I spotted this interesting display. (and I apologize for not noting the artist's name)  
I've been using buttons on my work for 30 years....but never to this extreme!

Star Bright #2   12.5" x 12.5"   Mary Stori © 2011

 What a coincidence......a couple from San Diego just purchased this button embellished wall piece from my blog shop.  The design was published in my book, "Embellishing With Felted Wool".  
 The buttons are a combination of antique and contemporary.  After stitching the buttons in place, beads are stitched from hole to hole, providing a very polished look to the overall design.  The entire background features random "chicken scratching' hand embroidery.
Beaded edging stitching has been a trademark of mine for years.  This type of treatment can be used on the edge (binding) or to create the illusion of a inner border.  It helps to frame the center design and adds unexpected details.

More button embellished pieces can be found here.


margaret said...

so manybutons wow. Your button creation is very nice, like the beads being added

nanette said...

Did you see the piece made of spools of thread? Amazing!