Monday, November 11, 2013


As a long time Packer backer, it was painful listening to the game on the Internet yesterday (the only access we have here)....perhaps it would have been worse actually watching the it.

 Jordy's unbelievable catch was ruled 'no touchdown'.......and this was after the 2nd string QB was injured on the first series and the Packers were left with a 3rd string QB and no back up at all.  
 We all know the importance of a QB, but never has it been so apparent! 
With players falling like dominoes, what's next?  .....maybe the cheerleaders playing some of the empty positions?
BUT......then there are us Cheeseheads and true Packer fans.......this season is effectively over for them, but as they say....there's always next year!!!


Robbie said...

Really sorry! I was looking forward to a piece of your art work when we won the playoff!!
Seriously, I do feel bad for you and your team!!! Lions have just been lucky...can't last but I'm still a fan!

The Inside Stori said...

Mary here..... Ya never know... Perhaps a miracle will come about and our teams will still battle it out in a playoff game!