Sunday, November 17, 2013


We've loved Bluegrass long before moving to the mountains of NC was even a blink in our long term planning.  In fact, 'the husband' was just commenting that 50 years ago this past week, he and a friend saw Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs at Orchestral Hall in Chicago!  Now, you gotta be a fan to remember a specific event/date!!

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage (her band) preformed in the area last a FULL house. One of the many reasons we admire Bluegrass bands, is their absolute loyalty to their fans.  Like Country Western stars and the various car racing associations.....they are grateful to their fan base and make themselves so available for autographs and 'shake and howdy' as they say it!

This is a terrible photo.......and it's terrible that my short video didn't turn out either so you could hear their music.  (Technology....grrrr)

So often I've lamented that I don't draw......when I really should be wishing to be able to sing/play an instrument.....or how about write a song....what would that feel like.  Amazing I'm sure......

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