Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Out came one of the several boxes of batiks I was gifted from my friend fortunate I am to have such a generous pal!!!  I'm going to pass that kindness along by making and gifting a lap quilt as a thank you to someone whose hospitality I've enjoyed many times.
 Again, since I really don't enjoy piecing.....I've chosen to go the "Modern" quilt style by using larger than typical patches.
 Rows will be pieced vertically.
 It's easier for me to audition the patches positioned in rows on my design wall before they are sewn together.  I expect once that's done, I'll find a few blocks that need to be switched out....but this method works for me.
After the piecing was completed, I was thinking the charcoal strips are a tad too wide.  However, the straight line quilting which is in progress has really helped tone it down.  (quite a surprise to me!)   Hopefully, I can get a photo of the finished quilt check back...won't you?? 


Robbie said...

I think it's perfect! Really nice!!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thumbs up! - I like this pattern, and it is especially good for those beautiful batiks.

margaret said...

very nice I do love batiks