Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The last time we had such an early never left.  We had storms (what seemed like) once a week for 3 months!  Apparently, we didn't move far enough South!  However, if I found myself living in FL or AZ in the'd surely hear me whining about the hot weather.  My body temperature gauge's comfort level is VERY narrow.

 Really...this doesn't look as nasty as it is....I wouldn't even step out of the doorway onto to the porch to get a better shot...the wind is blowing the snow horizontally, though you can't tell from the picture.
Off our front porch the view is rather pretty....BUT......brrrr....and underneath that pretty snow is ice....which is to be respected here with our narrow, steep, curved mountain roads.

Oh well.....I guess I should just amuse myself today in the studio.... oh...I think I can do that rather nicely.....  Safe travels to those of you who are hitting the roadways or airways this holiday......


Robbie said...

Quite frankly, if I didn't go south for the winter, it wouldn't bother me that much...I just wouldn't go outside in the winter! Fine with me! We can always find something to amuse us can't we! I would just have to have my coffee and chocolate!! Then I can hibernate! HA...good luck tomorrow!!! hope you get to watch the game!! We'll miss some of it (hubby not happy about that!) while we drive to kids house...but the food will be worth it!

margaret said...

very sensible to say inside and h=keep warm, makes me shiver just seeing your snow. Hope you are well stocked up with food and liquid nourishment too!