Wednesday, August 8, 2012


There's no doubt about it.....I'm in a rut......a good one for me since I'm enjoying it tremendously.  My fingers simply itch to work through the stack of resist dyed felted wool I created in a Chad Hagan workshop back in April.

 This time I remembered to take a 'before' photo.
 The design circles on the felt reminded me to hunt for my package of washer type glass beads, with the hope I could find a way to incorporate some.
 Big and small....I tried them all.
 Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to see the obvious.....I tried about 4 other ways of attaching the circles to allow the negative space to be visible. None seemed right.  One experiment, featuring dangling circles, may translate into another piece.  This little guy only measures 6.5" x 6", so keeping the embellishments proportionate to scale was a driving factor during the design process.
 With a little embroidery here, and beadwork there.......I thought it was complete and ready to add the backing.  Then some decorative beadwork or thread work would be highlighted on the edges.
6.5" X 6" 
Artist resist dyed felted wool, hand embroidered & beaded
Available for purchase here

You may have noticed....there's no edge treatment.  Believe's not from lack of trying.....but the piece simply said....STOP!  So I did.  The piece also said " You have me upside down....turn me around" I did.

Listen to where your art tells you to go......

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