Sunday, August 12, 2012


We always look for an excuse to drive over to Franklin, NC for dinner at Cafe REL.  A neighbor's birthday celebration gave us another opportunity last night.

We first learned about this restaurant in our Porsche newsletters and magazine....everyone raves about it.  So...why would a Porsche magazine feature a restaurant owned by the former Chef of New York's famous Greenbrier? And one located in the small mountain town of Franklin, NC? Because....he's a Porsche fanatic too.

Another astonishing notable is the restaurant is located in a gas station. read that right. 
 We suspect it was probably once the location of a fast food chain.  There's no curb appeal here....
....unless of course you too are an admirer of Porsches!  
 You'll find the chef's 911 parked in a prime spot almost any time of the night and day!
The restaurant is tiny.....15 tables, but usually only 14 are utilized because 1 table is always reserved for a parties no less than 6.  That rule is never broken.  Also, there is no room inside for hungry patrons to sit and wait if the restaurant is full (and it usually is).  One must stand outside on the sidewalk or parking lot....and if you should be lucky enough to be allowed to stand in the tiny dare not cross the imaginary line that Chef Rel has or our you go!! 

Does this remind you of a Seinfeld episode??

However, the food is worth the wait......this time we enjoyed linguine carbonara.....
.....and shrimp and grits......perfection!
Here's Chef REL...wearing his signature beret in the kitchen.....notice the Porsche flag to his right.

So....if you are ever near Franklin, NC.......stop in for a great meal.....but come early and bring cash as he doesn't accept credit cards!!

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Robbie said...

YUM! I love little places like this. Hubby and I always try to find some on our way to and from Florida! Was this place on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives? If not...good suggestion!