Thursday, August 16, 2012


Chatting about my non-sewing, day to day activities, was not the intent of this blog.  However, with a lot of 'life' going on in our household, I haven't had a chance to stitch perhaps you might like to peek at a famous mountain food favorite. 

 After numerous tasks were accomplished in Asheville today, 'the husband' and I headed off to 12 Bones for lunch.  They are wildly known for their ribs.....though my favs are their sides.  Today I chose jalapeno/cheese grits, smoked potato salad, & corn bread.  Oh, ya.....ribs too...all served in a tin plate that reminds me of something a gold prospector might use.
 This is a NO frills fact it appears be have once been a gas station.  Not much effort has been made to please the eye.  However, folks are lined up from the time they open to closing time......which by the way is around 3 or 4 PM.  They only serve lunch.  So perhaps the idea is.....just eat the food and get not linger!
Most of the 'tables' (picnic benches) are outside on gravel under a metal carport looking thing.  Silverware is self-serve out of bins, then help yourself to your beverage, and various BBQ sauces.  That's it....order, pay, eat, leave!
It's located in the River arts district....which is beginning to be home to more and more artist's studios as the old empty warehouses are being utilized again. Actually the whole area still looks pretty shabby but it's a fun area to explore.

With a full tummy, I can now relax and reflect about how much got completed today.  Haircut, a trip to the dog park, dropping off 3 outdated, unused cell phones in the 'phones for soldiers' program, and a meeting with PTA member Connie Brown.  Connie is a certified AQS appraiser who is doing an appraisal for the Bookworm Garden quilt which I'm donating to its permanent home in Oct. Providing documentation for the donation will be educational & helpful for the new keepers of the quilt.  Connie made the process so easy......she visits many area events offering her service....get to know her here.

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