Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I've been feeling uncomfortable about this resist dyed piece ever since I began stitching on it.  Why?  Well.....I loved the design and therefore thought it'd easily translate into my embellishment ideas.

But it wasn't!!  I'm so accustomed to spending hours and hours and hours on the embellishing part and frankly, this piece simply did not require all that extra attention. The design was striking already.

So....with only a few hours of hand embroidery, it was time to add the embellishments. As is my habit, these items are previewed on the fabroc prior to stitching as often further editing is required.

After some shifting of items, I chose wood beads which blended with the design, yet provided interest and texture.
Now they are attached to the felted wool.

10" X 8" 
Available for purchase here

Note:  all my resist dye felted wool pieces are ready for hanging, complete with tiny hanging rods.  This one screamed for something more...thus the 'stick' hanging device.  However, if desired, any piece could easily be tacked onto an acid-free mat and framed.  I prefer not to use glass but if that was your choice, use a spacer to keep the glass off the textile.  Because I sell my work when I'm on the road, I do not frame them since space in my suitcases is an issue!

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